Two key functions of USwap


USwap possess the following two elements, which plays a key role in the normal operations of the platform.


This refers to paired tokens locked in a Smart Contract, which facilitates transactions by providing liquidity.

Generally speaking, a liquidity pool will have two types of tokens, and these two tokens will form a new trading pair market. The UNIG/UNIH pair is a good example of a liquidity pool, and UNIH is the main currency of the Unihash main chain.

When a new liquidity pool is created, the first Liquidity Provider (LP) may set the initial price of the pool (i.e. capital injection), whereby the LP shall receive a special liquidity tokenwhich represents the percentage of liquidity the LP provides.

As transactions are promoted via this liquidity pool, 1% of handling feesshall be distributed proportionately to all LP token holders. If an LP wants to withdraw the liquid funds they provide, its representation in LP tokens must be destroyed.


USwap provides the function of directly swapping tokens, whereby users may exchange for the tokens they want more quickly via a simple process.

Simply connect the wallet to the USwap decentralized trading platform and tokens may be converted with significant reduction in time and unnecessary transfer issues.

Liquidity Provider Fees

Liquidity Provider income is derived from transaction exchange fees, which is currently fixed at 1% of the transaction volume. These transaction fees shall be distributed proportionately to Liquidity Providers. The procedures for USwap include:

  • Exchange Unihash to Unihash tokens, 1% handling fees in Unihash;
  • Exchange Unihash tokens to Unihash, 1% handling fees in Unihash tokens;
  • Exchange Unihash tokens to Unihash tokens, handling fees include two parts:
    a) Exchange of Unihash tokens to Unihash, 1% handling fees in Unihash tokens;
    b) Exchange of Unihash to new Unihash tokens, 1% handling fees in Unihash.

How to Determine Token Price

USwap does not utilize the order book model in determining the token prices. On the contrary, the price of tokensshall continuously and change automatically in accordance to user transactionformulas, allowing traders to act and for liquidity injection and arbitrage to follow. Such are trades which search for prices without arbitrage space, the market price.